Benefit: Decrease negative emotions – Stop judging


We all have negative emotions and most of the time these emotions arise from our expectations not matching reality. So instead of changing the reality we can change our expectations and these emotions will cease to exists. For that we either need to understand the reason why the bad event is happening or understand that there is a reason why it happened and we don’t know about it.


  1. Think of a time where you had a negative emotion
  2. Write down an acceptance sentence for it

Repeat this 4 times every day.


  • Jealous of my BF: It is normal for me to be jealous of him, I love him and don’t want to share him. This feeling is totally natural.

  • Anger toward partner: It is normal for me to be angry towards my partner. We are not the same person and we won’t have the same idea 100% of the time. When our ideas differ we can talk it out but sometimes I lose my control and be angry and thats okay, I am a human after all.

  • Shame in swimming pool: I felt not good taking my tshirt off. I’m not comfortable with my body. And it is normal, the society/ads has trained my mind to think that everyone needs to have a nice body thus I am feeling this way. Its wrong but rewiring my mind and accepting my body will take time and I can continue feeling some shame until I accept my body as it is.

  • New business partner: I have doubts about her. I don’t know if it will workout. And it is normal for me to feel this way. I have been running away from commitments & group works all my life. I haven’t had enough experience working with other people.