High Agency

Benefit: Removes limiting beliefs
Prerequisites: Uncertainty, Simulation


High Agency is a sense that the story given to you by other people about what you can/cannot do is just that – a story. And that you have control over the story. High Agency person looks to bend reality to their will. They either find a way, or they make a way. Low agency person acepts the story that is given to them.
They never question it. They are passive. They outsource all of their decision making to other people.

Person A is Low Agency wheres person B is High Agency

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Method 1:

  1. Think of something you will do today/this week/this month.
  2. Think of what you’re trying to accomplish.
  3. 100x that goal
  4. Ask yourself ‘What are some ways you can get 100x that goal’

Method 2:

  1. Define your 10 year goal.
  2. Write down all the ways you can achieve it in 6 months.

Method 3:

  1. Think of a small goal
  2. Think of the limitations you’re telling yourself that prevent you from achieving the goal.
  3. Repeat this 3 times “These limitations are not universal, they are just in my head. They are excuses for not achieving my goal. I shall stop believing those limitations”

Method 1 Example 1

  1. I will do a presentation next week
  2. My goal is to increase my Luck Surface Area by telling people what I’m doing
  3. Instead of reaching 20 people I can reach 2000 people
  4. Ways I can reach 2000 people
    1. Do a presentation at a bigger event
    2. Write down my presentation as a blog post and share it in all the related areas
    3. Get featured on a youtube talk show
    4. Contact podcasters and try to become a guest

Method 1 Example 2

  1. Hire a marketer
  2. Delegate/outsource our marketing tasks
  3. Hire the most willing/hardworking marketers to work for us for free?
  4. What are some ways we can get 100s of and the most hardworking marketers to work for us for free?
    1. Making a gamified system where our users can write catan posts on our forums & get rewards, street creds etc.
    2. Making a system where our users try to bring in more players & teach them one by one.
    3. We can design our marketing, social media structure in a ways that it is run by the community. They create the posts, they vote on the posts and the posts are automatically posted on the social medias. We just set the rules.

Method 2 Example

  1. My 10 year goal is to create a $B company.
  2. Ways I can achieve it in 6 months:
    1. Get lots of investments
    2. Connect with the most experienced/knowledgable people in the field. Email them, call them, fly to their location.
    3. Connect with the enthusiasts in my field and get them to work with me.

Method 3 Example

  1. Goal: Doing flare in breakdance
  2. Limitations: I need to be stronger & more flexible in order to do it.
  3. Me needing to be stronger & flexible to do flare is in my head and not universal. They are excuses for not achieving my goal. I shall stop believing these limitations. I can do amazing flares without being stronger or flexible.


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