Observe Relationship

Benefit: Better decisions


Most of our relationships are organic and we rarely sit down and think what we’re getting out of the relationship. Sometimes we’re together with someone just because of familiarity even if it is toxic. On another note when asked we tend to not be able to say why we like someone because usually the reason is the sum of 1000 little things. Those 1000 things are what our subconcious thinks we need at that point in time.

Another thing to note is, each relationship has an ideal proximity. Getting to close to a certain person might be disastrous. We can share a certain part of our life with someone and not other parts. For example someone we get along very well with might not be the ideal housemate or business partner. Someone we love might not be our ideal companion.

This practice increases our skills in surrounding ourselves with the right people at the right level of proximity.


  1. Write down the person you choose to observe
  2. Write down their personalities, what you like about them, what you don’t like about them.
  3. Write down the frequency and the way you spend time with them.
  4. Write down your feelings when you spend time with them.
  5. Write down the ideal way you would spend time with them.

Example 1:

  1. Mr. Bernard
  2. Bullshits a lot, smart, logical, likes talking alot. I like his smartness & creativity, I don’t like his decision making & circle of friends.
  3. Twice a month in a social gathering
  4. I feel easy to be open, a bit frustrated when he talks a lot, but easy to hang around, fun to play games with.
  5. Talk about ideas & play games.