Benefit: Understanding whats required


This is the reason why self help books fail to help 90+% of the readers.

Everything in life has prerequisites.

If someone wants to learn Basic Arithmethics they need to learn Numbers first. If someone wants to start a startup, they need to have enough secure run way (funds)

The reason why something is not working is ALWAYS that the prerequisites are not there.

For someone to start losing weight they have prerequisites that need to be fulfilled, giving them advice will bounce off of them 99% of the time.


  1. Determine a goal
  2. Write down the prerequisites that are needed for the goal.
  3. Ask friends & peers to fill out your missing prerequisites.


  1. Gaining muscle
  2. Prerequisites
    • Have strong enough psychological reason to gain muscle
    • Have enough time on calendar for workout
    • Have knowledge on how to gain muscle
    • Have access to the tools to gain muscle

If one of these don’t exist the person will not be able to gain muscle. Thus the person should stop worrying about gaining muscle and start fulfilling all of the prerequisites. Then gaining muscle will happen on its own.