Quest Assignment

Benefit: Creating own path
Prerequisites: want


Games can be categorized in 2 ways

  1. Theme park
  2. Sandbox

Theme park games hold the player by the hand and takes them through the theme park. Candy crush is a good example. The levels are predefined and the player doesn’t have to decide what to do next.

In sandbox games the player is thrown into a world and then they have to decide what they want to do. Minecraft is a good example. The player can choose to build a village, mine, fight zombies, create structures etc..

Our society is a theme park society.

Parents tell us what to do, what to eat, what to wear.

Schools tell us what to study, how to study.

Our whole life is structured in front of us and we won’t fail as long as we follow the guide and never make a decision. In such a society where all the quests are externally assigned it is hard to cultivate internal quest assignment skill.

Practice 1:

Play sandbox games. Some notable examples are Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto, Garry’s Mod, Roblox, Kerbal Space Program, The Sims, Dawn of Crafting. It is better if you choose an MMO with a big world. The amount of decisions & interactions you can make will be exponentially higher.

Practice 2:

  1. Write down a certain part of your life. (ex: job, school, love, relationship, health, diet, cleaning, computer usage, commute..)
  2. Write down the different elements and how you’ve decided on that element.

Example 1:

  1. Cleaning dishes
  2. I wash the whole thing scrubbing it clean because my mom was also doing that. Maybe I don’t need to scrub it so much. Maybe I don’t need to wash the glasses each time I use it. Maybe I can re-use my glass unlimited times by just holding it under water.

Example 2:

  1. Job
  2. I’m making games and coding. I’m making games because my brother wanted to make games and I didn’t have any better idea. I’m not sure if it was something I internally wanted to do or not. I should think about this. When it comes to coding, I felt forced to do it because I love creating stuff and coding is a great tool to create stuff. But what I love is creation not coding. Since I have enough capital, I can hire coders to create the stuff I want so I might not have to code.