Benefit: Increases chance of accomplishment


Running mental simulation on something before doing it makes it much easier to accomplish it.


  1. Write a SMALL goal you wish to achieve.
  2. Close your eyes and imagine your self taking all the steps from your current situation to the situation where you have achieved your goal.


  1. Taking cold shower
  2. Close your eyes and imagine taking off your clothes, taking your towel, going in the shower, hanging your towel, opening the cold water, feeling the cold water touch your head, your shoulders, your back/chest, your legs etc..

When you visualize it for 2 minutes, doing the real thing becomes much easier.


  1. Talking with that cute single girl at the bar
  2. Close your eyes, imagine getting up, moving toward her, saying “Hi”, smiling, hearing her say hi back, telling her your name while holding out your hand in handshake position, hearing her say “ow I have a boyfriend”, smiling and saying “have a good evening, he is a lucky guy”, while you’re leaving hearing her laugh and say thank you, turning back and taking a glance once more to see her smile while going back to your place

Now you can get up and go to the bathroom because it is going to take at least a couple more of this practice until you feel confident enough to approach a girl.