Benefit: Increase elasticity of mind


We are certain with most of the things we do, but there is ALWAYS a better method, way, action which can result in better value. Our mind should not be solid but as liquid as possible and be able to morph easily.

This mental training makes it easier for us to change our thoughts & concepts. When a person stops being sure of a certain concept it becomes easier to think outside the box.

Being aware that my thoughts might be wrong

Quote: Teach thy tongue to say I do not know, and thou shalt progress


Think of a couple things you are mostly sure of. Now write down that you are not sure of them.


  • Tasks: I’m not sure which tasks bring the most output
  • Starbucks: I’m not sure this is the best place to work
  • Selftime: I’m not sure I need to have selftime to feel better
  • Mental Models: I’m note sure MM practices are really working


  • Life: I have no idea what I will become in the future
  • Walking: I don’t know if the way I walk is the correct form of walking
  • Relationships: I don’t know if I’m building good, long lasting ones or not
  • Brush teeth: I’m not sure brushing teeth twice a day is the best option


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